5 Benefits of Using A Realtor When Buying A For Sale By Owner Home

    Picture this: You’re been looking at houses for a while now, or are just getting started, and are out in your car driving around getting a feel for neighborhoods. You pass by a house that looks perfect from the outside. It has the right number of garage spaces, the front porch you’ve always dreamed of, the exterior detail you can’t live without, the perfect yard. And a For Sale By Owner sign in the front yard.For Sale By Owner

    Don’t call that phone number quite yet! We can help!

    Make note of the address and phone number and call your ag ent right away. If you contact the seller directly you may lose your right to having an agent represent you.

    Why do you want an agent to represent you in a For Sale By Owner transaction? The benefits are endless.

    1. Your agent will negotiate the sale for you. We know what a fair price is based on the market and our knowledge of the neighborhood. Individually people tend to be more emotional in their decision. Your agent can look at it from a step back.

    2. Your agent will help you understand the contracts. After all buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make!Sold home

    3. Your agent will coordinate the transaction. We will lead you to a successful closing and represent your best interest.

    4. Your agent has access to inspectors, title companies, and any other third party you will need during the process. We are careful about who we chose to work with so our clients always have the best experience.

    5. Your agent will bring her experience and knowledge of every step of the buying process. It can be overwhelming and complicated so it’s good to have a guide.

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