5 Easy Steps To Buying Your First Home!

    The home buying process can seem daunting if you’ve never bought a home before. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Most first time buyers start the process by browsing houses online but don’t know what the next step is. Luckily we have an easy 5 step plan to get you into a house!
    1. Pre Approval – The most important first step is finding a lender to get a pre approval letter. This letter will tell you and your Realtor what your budget is when looking for a house.
    2.  Meet With Your Realtor – Some agents like to have this conversation at a buyer meeting at their office, others will have this conversation at a house you’re interested in. Either way it’s important to have an open conversation with your agent about what you’re looking for in a house. Your “must haves” and “better not haves”, anything important to you or things you want to steer clear of, your agent wants to hear it all!
    3. Look At Homes – This is the selection process. During this time you’ll schedule showings to view homes and narrow down your options. Again, it’s important to have an open conversation with your agent about what you like and dislike in these homes.
    4. Select A House – You did it! You found a home you love! Now you’ll submit a purchase agreement, and go through inspection and appraisal.
    5. Closing Day! – After the negotiations during the previous step have taken place you’ll close on the house. Then you get to move in and make it your home sweet home!
    First house

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