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    7 Things Not To Worry About When Buying A New Home

    With a little DIY or a couple of phone calls many things can be fixed or changed about a home. There are definitely things to be on the lookout for when you buy a home but don’t get caught up on the details that don’t fit your personality. Most of the time those things can be changed with no problem! 
    Here’s a list of 7 things you don’t need to worry about when buying a home.
    1. Paint Colors: Changing the color of paint may be one of the easiest fixes of all. With a little bit of time and creativity it’s the easiest way to personalize your house. It’s rare that you find a house with your exact style anyway so paint colors are probably going to be on your “to change” list of any house you’d buy.
    2. Wall Paper: Wall paper can be tricky to remove which is why some buyers are hesitant to purchase a home where they’ll need to change the wall paper. But again, with a little DIY and elbow grease wall paper doesn’t need to be scary. It will be a short term project for a house you’ll love for years.
    3. Hardware: The cabinet pulls and door knobs can be easily overlooked for sellers but stand out to buyers as something that makes the house outdated. There really is no simpler fix than replacing these though. And if it’s out of your new homeowner budget to replace them all a can of spray paint can make a huge difference in updating the old bronze style!
    4. Appliances: As long as the current appliances in the house work you’ll be able to cook your meals. Appliances can be easily replaced as soon as your budget allows. It’s never worth letting your dream house pass you by just because the kitchen hasn’t been updated to stainless steel.
    5. Flooring: Many sellers will work with you on replacing flooring or making amends for a flooring concession if the flooring truly is in need of replacement or repair. However, if it’s just not your style it’s an easy update that can be made.
    6. Age: As long as the house has been kept up well and updated throughout the years to meet current codes and standards the actual age of the house shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Many old homes can be old just in structure but almost brand new in amenities.
    7. Curb Appeal: It’s always nice to pull up to a beautiful home. But if the bushes in the front are overgrown or the lawn isn’t perfect the yard probably just needs a little TLC to become the best looking house on the block.

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