Do Staging and Pictures Really Make A Difference?

    Staging your home to sell and taking good photos are two of the most important things you can do when it comes to putting your home on the market. Take a look at these before and afters:


    Fireplace 1Fireplace 3

    In the first picture the bulky furniture blocks the fireplace. By staging the fireplace and removing the bulky furniture you can show off one of the best features of this home.

    Kitchen 1Kitchen 3

    The first picture doesn’t show you anything about this home other than the cabinets. In the second picture you can see all of the counter space and the open floor plan.

    Breakfast 1Breakfast 2

    The first picture makes this room look cramped and outdated. By replacing the light fixture and updating the window coverings as well as removing the furniture this room becomes much more airy.

    Blue Room 1Blue Room 2

    The first picture doesn’t show off how large this room is. By removing the furniture and pictures from the walls you get a much better sense of the space this room offers.

    Dining Room 1Dining Room 2

    The big, personal, furniture, as well, as the clutter in the first picture take away from the dimensions of this room. The out of date light fixture is also the focus of this picture. By removing the furniture and updating the light fixture you allow buyers to see the actual room.

    Extra Room 1Extra Room 2

    The clutter and out of date carpet don’t show off the potential of this extra space. By updating the carpet and removing everything from this room buyers can picture what they’ll use these extra rooms for.


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