How To: Sell Your Home

    Deciding to sell your home is a huge step. For many people it’s a process they only encounter a couple of times in their life. So of course it’s daunting thinking about all of the steps that lie ahead. Luckily we’ve created an easy guide for you to follow!


    1. Find a Realtor. This person will be your business partner and guide through this process. Choosing the right Realtor is essential to pricing your home right and selling it quickly. Ask your Realtor all kinds of questions to be sure they’re the right fit. Tip: Make sure they are using digital marketing to market your property.
    2. Price Your Home. Your Realtor will meet with you, tour your home, and discuss the comparative market analysis they have prepared. These components will determine what your home is worth.
    3. Sign the Listing Contract. This listing contract will determine the details of the listing. You will discuss everything from price to commissions to how showings will be handled.
    4. Get Your House Ready to Show. If buyers can picture themselves living in your home when they walk through the door, half the work is already done.
    5. Let Showings Begin! Keep your house show ready through this process. If your home is priced right and the pictures look great you should have people pouring through the door.
    6. Decide on an Offer Hopefully it won’t take long to get offers coming in on your home. You’ll have the chance to negotiate the deal. Use your Realtor’s expert advice and negotiating skills to work out the best deal.
    7. Counter Offer If you decide to send back a counter offer two situations could occur.
      1. If they accept: Congratulations! You’re onto the next step of selling your house!
      2. If they decline: The offer goes back to negations and we will work towards and acceptable agreement for everyone.
    8. Inspection Negotiations. The buyers will have an inspection done and send over an inspection response with items they want fixed. Our team will review the inspection and negotiate the repairs.
    9. Appraisal. The appraiser will set an appointment and appraise the home for the mortgage company to determine what the house is worth. If any descripancy between the sales price and what the home is appraised for comes up your Realtor will negotiate the price again.
    10. Schedule Closing The closing will be scheduled at the title company.
    11. Move. Organize your move and leave the house empty for the new buyers
    12. Closing. Be sure to bring your keys, garage door opener, and a current ID. This is where you’ll sign the papers over to the new owners.
    13. Congratulations! You’ve sold your house!

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