Keeping Cool With A Pool

    It’s about this time of summer that you start thinking of buying a home with a pool right? The days are long, the thermometer is high, the kids are bored. A dip in a pool that’s just feet from your back door is so appealing. I bet the thought of having a pool has crossed the mind of even the person most against the idea when the temperature creeps up like it is right now.
    Deciding to put in a pool, or buy a home with a pool is not a decision that should be taken lightly.pool
    We’ve compiled a list of regular maintenance tips to keep you on track:
    1. Properly open your pool at the beginning of the season
    2. Winterize your pool at the end of the season
    3. Have a professional service the heater every few years
    4. Keep an eye on the water level throughout the season. Don’t let it drop below the skimmers.
    5. Clean the filter as needed
    6. Repair leaks immediately as needed
    Weekly Tasks
    1. Skim debris and clean out baskets
    2. Vaccum the pool bottom and brush the walls
    3. Maintain pH level
    4. Super chlorinate – as often as weekly for some pools, check instructions
    If the thought of putting in your own pool is too overwhelming here are homes with pools already on the market!

    Pool maintence tips from: Echo Surina “10 Pool Maintenance Tips” 2 November 2009. <> 20 July 2016

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