Love Letter to Anderson Orchard

    This week we wanted to do something different and call out one of our favorite places in Hendricks County. Stephanie, being the Anderson Orchard regular that she is did the honors of putting our love for this fall paradise into words.

    Gorgeous Views

    “At the end of every summer I can’t wait to start taking my son to Anderson Orchard for what we like to call “Apple Cider Slushy Time”. This is the time we start going out to the orchard once a week to grab a delectable cider slush and play on the playground after school. I start noticing all of the changes that mean fall is coming, which is my favorite season.


    The air starts getting crisper, and the feel and the mood of the orchard start coming to life.  The weekends are busy with families picking their own apples straight from the trees. We will go out on the weekends and bring a picnic and set up by the pond, trek up the hill for the prettiest view where you can almost see all the way to downtown Indy. We can’t help but stop in the barn for some fresh veggies and maybe a tray of fried biscuits and apple butter. We will continue to stop by as we wait for the mums to come into bloom and I’ll buy a few for my front porch.

    Rows and rows of apple trees


    By October the pumpkins will start to line up the front lawn andwe will be hunting through the pumpkin patches looking for a good one that hasn’t been harvested yet.


    I love this place. It reminds me of autumn. It has a great feel

    The barn has pumpkins and produce

    and puts you in the mood for fall. It’s only a little drive out towards the country but close enough we can visit often. I love that there is so much to do with my kids and they love to go there. Going to Anderson Orchard has been a fall staple in my family for years now. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out it’s an amazing place, you should, you’ll keep going back because those apple cider slushies are addictive.”


    Meghan wanted to be sure to add ” That’s exactly the way I feel about that place too! The only other cool thing I would add is that they have concord grapes inside, which taste exactly like grape jelly and are so so sweet and you can’t ever find them at the grocery store. It’s the variety they make grape juice and jelly for him and they taste like candy!”


    Stephanie and her kids, Aiden and Jemmalene
    Meghan’s son Jackson

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