Packing Tips To Help You Move

    We know moving can be overwhelming. Looking around your home at all of your belongings and trying to figure out where to start packing can be daunting. We’ve put together a list of supplies and tips for a jumping off point!

    Remember when you buy or sell with House Hunters Indy you get a free moving package! We’ll give you boxes and labels to get you started! 17233058042_b2a96148e4_z



    Packing Tips 

    1. Pack a first day essentials box. Put everything you’ll need the first day in a box and set it to the side so it doesn’t get put in the back of the truck.
    2. Assign a color to each room to make sorting easier
    3. Don’t mix rooms together when packing. That way each box can go directly into the room it belongs in.
    4. Label everything. Don’t be afraid to get specific on your boxes so you know exactly which bathroom box your hair dryer ended up in!
    5. If items are already organized together wrap them in one piece to keep them that way!
    6. Pack kitchen and bathroom drawers in plastic baggies then put them into a box.
    7. Wrap silverware together instead of individually.
    8. Use trash bags to pack hanging clothes together, leaving the hangers exposed.
    9. Pack knives and other sharp objects in over mitts to keep unpacking safe.
    10. Use soft items to pad breakables, like dish towels and dishes
    11. Pack heavy things in smaller boxes, this way you don’t have giant boxes that are too heavy to lift.
    12. Be sure to pack heavier items on bottom of boxes and save lighter items for the top. You don’t want top heavy boxes!
    13. Put masking tape over mirrors and glass so if it breaks it doesn’t shatter.
    14. Collect wine cases from liquor stores to pack glassware.
    15. If you’re packing the moving truck yourself lay everything out so you can see it. Make sure to pack the truck tight so things don’t slide around.7736032314_5c69699f36_c

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