Preparing For Showings

    You know what they say, there’s only one chance to make a first impression. That’s especially true when it comes to your home. Most buyers see multiple homes in a day when they’re out looking and you want yours to stand out in a good way. Preparing well for a showing can make a big difference in someone seeing themselves living there. With a little preparation you’ll be sure to sell your house in no time!
    Before your showings start there are some things you can do that will then just need to be kept up while your home is on the market.
    • replace your light bulbs with the highest wattage
    • get your carpets cleaned if needed
    •  organize all of your closets and pantry to show optimal space
    • organize your garage
    • clean up landscaping
    • make sure the home smells nice but not overwhelmed with an artificial scent

    Then you have the regular cleaning tasks to complete before each showing

    • mop and vacuum floors
    • dust surfaces and furniture
    • clean counter tops
    • declutter each room
    • empty/put away trash cans
    • load dishwasher, make sure the sink is empty
    • load washer with dirty clothes

    Finally there a couple things to check before heading out the door

    • make sure beds are made
    • make sure all toilet seat lids are shut
    • turn on all lights and open all the blinds to let sunlight in

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