Preparing Your Home In The Fall

    Labor Day has come and gone and pumpkin spice has once again taken over the world. It’s officially fall. These last warm weekends before winter weather moves in are the perfect time to prep your home for the cooler days. It’s important to keep your home maintained throughout the year to prevent damage.
    Trim landscaping – Cut back your bushes, and flowers. Bring in any plants you want indoors over the winter.
    Fertilize your lawn – Find a local garden center for recommended winter fertilizer. This will help prevent weeds in the spring.
    Store your hoses – Disconnect your hoses from the faucet and store for the winter.
    Winterize your sprinkler system – Be sure to drain your sprinkler system and have a professional complete any repairs necessary
    Close your pool – When the weather turns cold and the pool is no longer in use you can hire a service to close it, or do it yourself.
    Check your roof – This is the time of year to make sure everything is sealed well and no repairs are needed before snow piles on top of your roof.
    Clean gutters – Remove leaves and debris from gutters so water can flow through.
    Have your furnace serviced – Hire an HVAC professional to service your furnace before regular use in the cooler months. They will check for leaks, and efficiency, as well as replacing the filter or any parts that need fixed.
    Inspect your fireplace – If you have a wood chimney have it cleaned and inspected by a professional.
    Check for drafts – Feel around windows and doors for drafts. If you fix these now you can save big on heating costs this winter.
    Check smoke and CO2 detectors – It’s good to be in the habit of replacing batteries in these devices twice a year.

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