Smells Don’t Sell

    Smells don’t sell. Add that to the list of real estate mottos because if you want to sell your home quickly, the smells have got to go. Realtors everywhere know the feeling of walking into a home and a potential buyer saying: “I couldn’t live here because it smells bad in here.” This is an issue that can turn into a larger problem if not fixed: your home being unsellable. This doesn’t just apply to bad smells like mildew, smoke, or pet odors, but it also means that a seller should not overly apply air fresheners that could overwhelm a buyer. The best smell is none, nada, zilch. It is best to neutralize the odors in your home and if you must add a scent, keep it natural: lemon, pine, cedar, and cinnamon are just a few examples. These scents are easy for a buyer to identify and also do not overwhelm the buyer upon entering your home. From the buyer’s perspective, a bad smell can be off-putting. It can mean a larger problem in the home. For example, if a buyer can smell mildew when they are inside a home, they will have reason to believe that the home may have mold. This can be huge deterrent against a sale. Ultimately, the smell of your home could either welcome or runoff a buyer. Ask your realtor what smells your home may have and what you can do to neutralize them.

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