Spotlight On: Brownsburg, IN

    Brownsburg IN  Near the north eastern edge of Hendricks County sits Brownsburg, Indiana. Brownsburg is a unique mix of old and new, with a long history.

    Brownsburg was originally settled by James B. Brown in 1824 as Brown Township. As the township grew and became more heavily settled the town went through a couple name changes eventually choosing Brownsburg. The area has always been a thoroughfare for travelers. A road built in 1820 before the town was settled was turned into a stage coach line to connect the area with Indianapolis. Eventually, in 1910 the railroad came through with hourly stops in Brownsburg, connecting Crawfordsville and Indianapolis. While Brownsburg had a number of one room schools and typically small town life it took a while for the town to become more developed. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Brownsburg got it’s first high school and shopping areas. But the growth hasn’t stopped since then.downtown brownsburg

    Brownsburg has a charming mix of old and new. The perfect example of which can be seen right in it’s downtown. The old downtown buildings have been revitalized with businesses and shops neighboring the new retail spots and town hall buildings. Brownsburg has beautiful old homes and booming new neighborhoods. There is something for everyone.

    Arbuckle Acres park is just one of the many parks Brownsburg hosts. Arbuckle Acres is situated in near the center of town with lots of land. It hosts a variety of events through the year from egg hunts near Easter to a fair and fireworks for the Fourth of July.brownsburg town hall Nearby the green space in front of the Town Hall holds events year round adding to the small town feel.

    Brownsburg has it’s fair share of bragging rights.If you flip on ESPN there are many familiar names from Brownsburg. Our own Colts player, Pat McAfee, hails from Brownsburg, as well as nearby St. Louis Cardinals player Lance Lynn. Many other NFL, MLB, MLS are Brownsburg natives. In 2009 CNN Money Magazine named Brownsburg the #1 place to live in Indiana. It continually makes the top lists of places to live in our state.

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