Spotlight On: Greenwood, Indiana

    Greenwood is a large suburb to the south of Indianapolis. It’s quite a popular place to live!

    Greenwood has a rich history leading back to when the area was originally inhabited by Native Americans. The Delaware Indians were the first to call the area home. As the area became more settled they were driven out by the Kentucky and Indiana militias and the town was settled as Smocktown. In 1825 it became Greenfield, eventually being changed to the Greenwood we know today in 1864.

    Greenwood has become a bustling suburb of Indianapolis and a great place to live! The school systems are good and there are many desirable neighborhoods with booming new construction. As Greenwood has grown so have the amenities the city has to offer. According to the city website Greenwood, Indiana is one of the state’s fastest growing counties.

    Greenwood Indiana
    Greenwood Indiana

    Greenwood Park Mall brings shoppers from all over the city. It is the second biggest mall in the Indianapolis area. The city also has great local shopping to be found. If you’re a foodie Greenwood is a great place to be! Anything from fine dining to diners can be found somewhere not too far away.

    Through the city there are parks of all kinds. And festivals are held here throughout the year so there’s always something to do!

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