Spring Cleaning

    A couple of months ago my husband and I bought a brand new house. We were lucky and the builders did a superb job of cleaning before we moved in and I thought I was even luckier by getting to skip spring cleaning this year. Of course the regular dusting, vacuuming, and dishes are done but I was really looking forward to not dusting the baseboards this year. Then I realized in a neighborhood full of new builds there’s a lot of dirt swirling through the air and since I like to have my windows open on nice days that means a lot of dust settling on my baseboards. Plus, come to find out, there’s just something about the nice spring breeze and sunshine that puts me in the mood to have clean, fresh feeling house.
    We posted our spring cleaning checklist on the website about a month ago but now here we are right in the middle of spring already. So if you haven’t pulled out those dusters and reached behind the fridge it’s time to tackle the list. Spring cleaning isn’t just for getting the winter grime out. It’s important for your health, especially during allergy season, and important for the upkeep of your home. And we all want to keep our homes and ourselves in good shape!
    House Hunters Indy's Spring Cleaning Checklist
    House Hunters Indy’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Click the image to have it open in a new window so you can print it off!

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