4 Reasons You Should Buy A Home in a Top Rated School District

    Luckily for us Indianapolis has many areas all over the city with great school districts. Even if you don’t have kids it’s still worth it to take school ratings into consideration when looking at homes. You’ll notice these reasons for buying a home in a good school district are about selling a home in a good school district. It’s important to keep resale in mind even when you’re looking for your dream home!
    1. Homes in a top rated school district move faster when placed on the market. This means when you are ready to sell you’ll have a higher chance of selling quickly.
    2. These home are viewed more often, both online and in person. More showings and more online traffic mean more exposure for your home.
    3. A top rated school district attracts more buyers. Again, this increases the exposure which normally leads to a higher sales price and less time on the market.
    4. According to Realtor.com schools in a 9 or 10 were on average 77% more expensive than homes with a school rating of 6 or lower. This is great news for your resale value!

    You can check out our guide to school district ratings HERE

    All statistics and information taken from this RIS Media article

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