What To Expect At An Inspection

    home inspection2You’ve found your dream home, the contracts have been negotiated and things seem to be well on their way to move in day. And then you realize you have the home inspection. Many buyers seem to dread the inspection and view it as a cloud hanging over the purchase of their new home. It doesn’t have to be that way if you approach it with the right expectations.




    What does an inspector do?

    Inspect the exterior of the home, including the foundation and the exterior walls
    Inspect the roof and gutters, including the shingles and roof support
    Inspect the attic and basement
    Inspect the garage and interior of the home
    Inspect the electrical, central air and heating systems, and plumbing

    An inspector is there to provide general knowledge about all aspects of your new home.

    What happens after an inspection?

    Trust us, all clients get nervous after an inspection waiting for the results. The sellers will be nervous about what repairs may need to be made, the buyers will be nervous about the condition of the house. It’s completely normal to be nervous! But remember your Realtor is ready to handle whatever the report may hold. Our advice to you is to stay patient, and try to keep your emotions out of it. Easier said than done when you’re talking about your dream home, we know. When we get the inspection report back you’ll review it with your Realtor and another opportunity for negotiating will come up. This time you’ll negotiate the repairs you deem necessary to move into the house. And home inspectionthen the negotiating process will look the same as when you negotiated the first time. You’ll work with the sellers and the sellers agent until everyone has come to an agreement.

    Things to keep in mind when going into an inspection

    • You’re having an inspection so you’ll be aware of any major defects in the home
    • Your inspector will ALWAYS find something. You hired them to point out everything they see.
    • Even brand new homes have issues that can be fixed.
    • A contractor can do repairs with a warranty. It is not always necessary to replace something that has broken.

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